What are bean bags filled with?

Polyfoam beads, as known as EPS beads.


How do I measure my bean bag?

A filled bean bag isn't easy to measure--its lumpy shape will measure differently every time. All bean bags are measured when the material is flat, not filled. Sometimes bean bags are measured as circumference, other times as length, width and height.

How do I clean my bean bag?

Each bean bag material requires a unique cleaning technique. Some bean bags can be removed from their liner and tossed in the washing machine. If your bean bag lacks a liner, it can be wiped off or spot cleaned per the manufacturer's suggestions. Refer to the Product Specification box on your bean bag for exact cleaning instructions.

Do I want a foam fill or standard fill bean bags?

Foam fill and standard fill give you two entirely different sitting experiences. Foam fill is comprised of shredded foam and results in a softer feel, molding to your body when you lounge into the bean bag. Standard fill, found in the traditional bean bag, is constructed from virgin polystyrene beads or recyclable polystyrene beads. This fill provides a firmer, more solid sitting experience.

What is the difference between a Lounger bean bag and a teardrop bean bag?

While the Lounger and Teardrop are both relaxing bean bags, they offer vastly different sitting positions. A Lounger works well for napping and relaxing. If your Lounger is filled with beads, you'll have a firm bean bag, and it will need to be refilled at some point in its life. If your Lounger bean bag is filled with foam, it will mold around you, resulting in a soft, cloudlike sitting experience. Unlike beads, a foam filled bean bag should never need refilling.

The Teardrop bean bag allows you to sit upright in the bean bag with full back support. This bean bag is always filled with beads, resulting in a firmer seat. A teardrop bean bag can also be refilled at any point in its life. Whether you choose a Lounger or Teardrop bean bag, it will give you years of quality comfort.

What size bean bag do I need?

Extra Small, Small and Medium bean bags all work fine for children. Kids grow quickly, so consider buying a larger bean bag they can enjoy as they mature.

Large and Extra Large bean bags are specially made for adults. Bean bag sofas are fun for multiple people of any shape or size.