EPS Beanbags

Traditional Beanbag is filled with Expanded polystyrene beans.can be designed to many different patterns and can be used for any purpose you want.

we can use many different fabrics for the beanbags covers.which we can made the beanbags more comfortable in high elastics.and we can use a mesh fabric for the cool floating in pool,we can also use a outdoor fabrics to have our bags used for indoor and outdoor.

Different to other furnitures ,beanbags are more comfortable and very light.The color of lazy sofa can be bright and fashionable, or retro, mature and stable. Decorate your small home and let you easily create your own warm space. It is very light. If you put it on the balcony, you can lie in the sun, spend time, read books or turn through magazines leisurely; Move it to the room and you can control the remote control or listen to CDs in front of the TV like a queen; If you don't want to use it, it's easy to do. Just put it in a corner and it's done.